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Supplies : 1/4" Proograde Acylic, 1/8" Walnut Hardwood & Cherry Ply
Op Time: 32 mins for the small one and 1hr 15min for the large one. All done @ 675LPI.

Judge Dredd is well into my top 10 movie list.

This is mostly an example of the 'forge (specifically a PRU) doing 3D Engraving.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where exactly where I got the STL as it was in my ‘movie props’ folder from about 3 years ago. But I passed it into Blender to get a depth map. Then into Photoshop to remove the solid black background and to tweak the mapping. Then imported that into illustrator so I can create an offset path as a cut line. Exported that out as an SVG and off to the races.

Close up of the tube doing its thing.

I like the way it came out so I made another one 20% bigger.

Then I wanted to see what it looked like in acrylic.

Dredd Approves.

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