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I am faculty in our SPIN (Surgical Program in Innovation) which is a course designed to get surgical residents thinking about designing, making and selling medical devices. The course starts with idea generation, then a hackathon, then business plan generation, then I teach CAD, making (3D printing, etc) and electronics and now we are coming to the end of the course this weekend, and I am one of the faculty judges. There are 3 others (VCs and faculty from the Harvard Business School/Sloane School at MIT) but I am the judge for the prototype/design part. Figured I needed a desk sign to embody multimaterial making and thinking quickly,

It’s powered by an Adafruit Feather M0 (ARM M0 processor) with an OLED screen (yeah overkill, it was already on my desk, just took off the servo board).

Whipped it all up in OnShape, cut the gears out of :proofgrade: Cherry and Translucent Red Acrylic from Inventables and the main part is :proofgrade: maple.

Is it silly, of course. But is it nerdy? You bet! Perfect. And I even left space through the sides to charge the battery via USB into the feather! And the waste triangles are being turned into Wine bottle tags… The gear are riding on some left over actobotics screws with washers as “bearings”. Spin super freely on their own. Glued the legs in with Tightbond III

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