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Some of the forum regulars know that I lost my dad a couple of weeks ago. One of them did something so nice I wanted to share it. So I’m going to share the text of his private message, and hope that it doesn’t embarrass him too greatly…Kindness like this deserves recognition though…it’s rare and special.
(Thanks David.)

"The Moments in Time thread with the dead tree, as I was putting that together, I thought of you and your Father… out of the blue. I share this with you that you might see it as I did designing it.

That tree, a thing of the past - reaching through the window from the past into the present and supports the bird still… even in death.

I would very much like to gift you that file…"

When I got myself back under control, I decided to try to turn that file into something special.

I’m still waiting on some black connectors for it, because I think it will look better that way, but other than that I’m happy with the result…my first attempt at working with edge-lit acrylic.

So we do go forward. Dad would approve. And this one is for him.

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