Mother's day brooches
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My mom is one of the few ladies I know that still wears brooches. Every time she goes to the senior center, she pins one on. So I figured this could be a great little mother’s day gift that she could wear to dinner tonight.

I cut the pins on pg cherry plywood in about 7 minutes…

but I did not like how dark they turned out. So I decided to invert the image in illustrator, and make the flower one about a half inch larger.

Yves actually liked the darker ones better, so instead of ditching those, I decided to make all four into brooches. I added some Swarovski crystals to each of them, because my mom likes sparkles about as much as I do :slight_smile:.

There were a few good lessons learned in using the crystals. For one, don’t try to grab or place those suckers right after having a cup of coffee! At least I shouldn’t; my hands were shaking like crazy, and I ended up smearing the glue on the first one and launching a few into the air as well! They have amazing projectile capabilities, and are rather hard to find once they launch. And two, that crystal glue pen is pretty freaking awesome! Very precise application and relatively quick drying time.

I used super glue to attach the pin part.

And here is the final product! The picture doesn’t do the crystals any favors, but it does sparkle nicely.

Happy mother’s day!

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