Stained Glass
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Something I was working on last week before I left was testing the effects of various paints on the acrylic, and I wanted to see what some of the glass paints that I had could do. So I popped over to a stained glass site that offered free patterns, and rehydrated some of my nearly gone paints. (Don’t recommend that by the way, they must use something like ammonia as a base in those things…nearly passed out a couple of times. Just buy new paints if you need them.)

Anyway, the paints I had were in pretty bad shape in a couple of places, but the potential for making your own stained glass is there…I just did a small test frame.

You can see through it just fine, but a couple of the colors were still a little clumpy. Fresh paint would work a lot better. This was the Gallery Glass paints by Plaid. (Some were textured and some were transparent, I wanted to try both. Stick with the transparent.)

Y’all have fun experimenting.

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