Adventures in Anodized Aluminium
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Picked up some anodized aluminium dogtag blanks online so I could dial in engraving settings on something a few orders of magnitude cheaper than my fruit-branded electronics.

Although I didn’t get suckered into the “how many angels can be glowforged on the head of a pin” game, I had the idea that anodized aluminium would be able to support some tiny, tiny text.

Not quite in @henryhbk or @Jules league quite yet, but not bad…

Here are a few tags from the end of my test runs.

Both of these were PNGs…

For the record, the SUDO cartoon is courtesy Randall Munroe of XKCD, who released it under CC BY-NC 2.5, so I’m covered. :innocent:

The cat was an SVG, the the laughing Buddha was a JPG (because I stupidly forgot rule #1Never use a JPG for line drawings or clipart). Note the lines of compression artifacts. :unamused:

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