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I got started on a build for that Grid Purse that I posted a while back, and adjusted for the actual thickness of the material.

But it was also a test of the results of the Slicer program for Fusion 360, and I’m sorry to say, I don’t believe it did what I think it should have done.

The program placed a couple of unnecessary cutouts where they weren’t required (due to the smaller size of the actual material being used), and they make for a much more difficult assembly and a weak spot in the build, in several places.

I can fix that by reworking the design in F360 later, but I’m going to wait to do it until we have some actual 1/4" Proofgrade to work with, because having to cut this thing out of generic ply was a royal pain in the patootie.

The generic ply was such a mess, with voids in the fill causing massive charring in places and bad cuts, that all I could do with it was paint it afterwards to try to make it look uniform. (yech!)

Anyway, the box itself looks fine, and I like the open sides, but it’s not structurally sound enough as it is to make a purse out of it…so I turned it into a sewing basket to hold a few tools. I’ll save the handbag for the PG when it comes out. :slight_smile:

Link to shared file: (Personal Use Only please.)

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