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Here’s an item I actually made by hand with ruler and craft knife before I got my GF pre-release, and decided to do another in Fome-Cor (paper-backed foam board) before possibly doing it in acrylic. The idea is to have a place to keep my Copic markers on a shelf at eye level so I can just grab the one I want quickly. There is a slight tilt to each shelf so the markers will stay in place. (Note: this design is not unique–I’ve seen similar ones in Pinterest, but I did do the Illustrator work on this particular one).

The features of this design that are unique to Fome-Cor is to create channels in the sides for the shelves, by scoring the paper on one side, then using a narrow screwdriver to chip out the channel:

That way you have the paper on the outside to hold it all together and look neat. The shelves just slide into the channels. The back also has a lengthwise channel on either side, to glue the sides into.

After sliding the shelves in place with a little tacky glue in each channel, the back was hot glued in place, to give me a multi-shelf marker organizer:

I had actually intended to just do this one as a prototype and then create a more permanent one in acrylic. But I might just keep and use this one instead. It’s pretty sturdy. If I was going to move on to acrylic, I would redesign the whole thing in F360 so I could make the material thickness parametric. Maybe the shelf tilt as well. Also, I would just cut through instead of scoring the sides, and glue the acrylic in place with acrylic glue.

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