Drop the mic :sunglasses:
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Third ball from the sun. 
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Challenge accepted, and…Boom. :sunglasses:

Yes folks…that’s a grain of rice. :smile:

The rice grains do not change color when they are engraved, so you need a special backlight and zoom lens for the camera to photograph it.

(Otherwise it just looks like rough rice.)

This is the best I can get. We need a pro here.

Congratulations @dan, @tony, @mark and all of the Glowforge crew…my socks have been blown OFF! :smile: :hedgie::hedgie::hedgie::pancake::glowforge:

(It will do text even smaller than that, but I can’t photograph it and need to put it under a little microscope thing to see it.)

edit: Okay, figured a better way of taking the shot, through a microscope:

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