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I’m almost feeling kind of guilty about posting things now…holler when you’ve had enough. :wink:

I’d done a little bit of work with some extruded mirrored acrylic earlier last month and although the project turned out okay - the smell of the acrylic after the print was enough to put me off of it for a while.

So I finally tried out some of the cast Proofgrade acrylic. And I know everyone thinks I’m totally in the tank for Glowforge…and they would be totally correct…BUT that’s only because they’ve earned it. The Proofgrade had the mildest “scent” of any I’ve tried, including the EBay purchase, the Instructables freebie, and the local HW store variety.

And it didn’t hang around afterwards like the other ones did.

The Proofgrade is just beautifully clear, thick, and it cuts like a dream. (No flashback either now, which was excellent!)

Okay…so one of the things I designed a while back was what I called a Slump Bowl, but actually was a Hump Bowl (check out the Free Files section for the file and the story…it’s a hoot), so I wanted to cut that bowl to see if it worked (it does) and take a shot at actually getting it to deform.

Okay, the second part of that, the deformation part, I haven’t gotten to finish up yet - I tried slumping one with a variable speed heat gun, and only got a slight deformation out of it after about half an hour of holding that thing. (I had the heat set too low, 400°F. I’m going to crank it up a few notches for the next one, which i actually will turn into a bowl shape if I can.)

But I managed to deform the prototype just enough to make a slightly curved dish shape, and that led to another idea - so i ran with that instead…

Cupcake Stand.

(Pretend those apples are cupcakes…I didn’t need the temptation hanging around)

So anyway, the acrylic is beautiful, I just need to work on getting the slumping technique developed. That one is not quite even…

That cut also had a technical glitch (always triple check your files for hidden paths) :rolling_eyes: but it works well enough for a test case.

I also wanted to try a little engrave on the acrylic so I fluffed up a little bunny token to go with the wooden one.

That’s it for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and I sure hope Glowforge is planning to offer 1/16" acrylic too…hint, hint.
(I think it will drape better.)

Link to @marmak3261’s print of the shared file - he did a much better job slumping it.

And link to the shared file if anyone else wants to try it:
(Personal Use Only please.)

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