Mandala Experiments
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My good friend (and evil twin) is a craft blogger and illustrator, and she’s graciously allowing me to use some of her patterns in my work. Some day, I hope to create really fun designs with her mandalas - but for now, I’m just fumbling around and learning what this machine can do.

Thought I’d share a few of these experiments, which are just testers/WIP’s. I’m just exploring different materials, sizes, settings and (next) coloration techniques.

My first attempt was this little bat mandala, done on a random scrap of leather. It measures 3.5" around, and it taught me that I don’t want to deal with projects that require so much tiny weeding. Also, settings were not dialed in so well:

For attempt #2, I used proof grade leather and got the settings down a bit better. This one measures 2.5"(note that there’s still a bit of teeny weeny weeding to clean up here):

Here are those same two leather mandalas side by side:

These two are engraved on proof grade maple, and they’re respectively 3.25" and 4" around. There’s still a little bit of weeding to finish up, but I think they turned out nicely:

I’ll circle back on these little testers when I have a bit more time, so that I can play with color variations and whatnot.

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