Glowforge WiFi Pi Enclosure
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Ok — time to test out that Proofgrade acrylic. Definitely not an artistic build, but I had a hardware project that I thought would be perfect as a first acrylic test.

Although the wifi signal in my workshop is fine, I had an unused Raspberry Pi 3 laying around as well as an open port on my ethernet router, so I decided to turn it into a dedicated wifi hotspot for my Glowforge. Idle hands…:smiling_imp:

I grabbed a design from Thingiverse and dropped it into the GFUI. The only adjustment I made was to replace the original logo with my own. Didn’t adjust for kerf, thickness, nada. I did cross my fingers, though. :wink:

Plugged it all in and pointed my Glowforge to the new wifi network. Super easy project (I’d say my RPI skills are “intermediate”), and worked beautifully, if I do say so myself. :blush:

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