Pre Release: A couple little projects
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Hey folks, me again. I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer (and the GF) today because I did too much mousing the last few days and my hand/arm has gone all carpal-tunnelly. Not a big deal, it’s already better, just need to take it easy.

I did do a couple projects yesterday and they are nothing special but folks seem to want to see output so I’ll show them anyway. Throw a tomato my way if you are getting tired of them!

First was a practical solution for my husband: a set of templates for punching holes in the card stock he uses to display earrings. We’ve made them by hand using stencil material but they don’t hold up well and are not precise.

I surveyed the “client” to find out what features he might like and what we came up with was a block of 1/8" acrylic that has precisely drilled holes where you poke the pin through. The block is the exact size of the card stock he uses. We also put score lines down and across intersecting with the holes, and one down the center to make it easier to center on the card if it is cut a bit off. The one with four holes is for leverback and similar earrings. He loves them!

edit: forgot to mention the size: these blocks are about 3 cm x 4.5 cm and are made of Proofgrade 1/8" acrylic.

The other project was for my mom. She was over here and I wanted to demo the GF, so we sat in front of the computer and designed it to her specs, using the plaque design from the GF design space, text prepared in The Print Shop 3 (Mac) and Illustrator (SVG conversion), and a dog image downloaded from Google Images. Cut and engraved on Proofgrade maple ply, 1/8". Again, the customer was delighted!

She really enjoyed watching the whole operation.

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