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Ok, this isn’t going to change the world, but my friend had a cardboard stand that holds a puzzle box top up (apparently they’ve been doing a lot of puzzles during the pandemic) and the cardboard stand is crumpling. So he asked me if I could do an acrylic version of it. Given the difficulty in getting more proofgrade acrylic right now, I had to use what I had around; I didn’t want to use up any clear since I use that in many hospital projects, so I had a sheet of orange 1/8” :proofgrade: yes the party box isn’t a puzzle box, but it was a test lid I saw nearby. He was concerned that unlike the cardboard one the slot on mine isn’t angled that the box would fall out (how many g’s is he pulling in his dining room?). I made it much smaller than the cardboard one so that the entire cut file fit on one sheet , and figured the acrylic weighs so much more than cardboard it would work fine even if 1/2 the size… plus I put a crossbar in the bottom to allow a weight to be placed inside. I will post in free designs in a moment (on my iPad)



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