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Supplies: Proofgrade 1/8" Black & Clear Acrylic - Op Time <2mins

As Team Glowforge finalize their proofgrade settings, I’ve noticed a bit of flashback on a couple of the clear acrylic pieces in the last couple days. Sometimes I get it- Sometimes I don’t. Par of the course of being a canary in the mine so to speak. But I’d like to be able to not have it while they figure things out. Especially since the next couple projects I am planning to use the clear acrylic as an accent piece. And also without having to remove the bed to use the other method I was using.

Fired up F360 with measurements in tow and came up with this gem.

I know. It does not look like much…

(Sorry about the end of the gif, I accidently hit my mount with my shoulder.)

but they work like a champ.

(I would like to have tested this out on clear acrylic, but my supply is a bit low and I still have a couple projects left.)

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