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Supplies: 1 1/4" (19.05mm) Dowel, Acrylic & Cardboard - Op Time : 29 mins

I had this idea kicking around for a while. I had a couple hours today so I tried it out.

After about 30 mins in F360 I had this.

Exported out the parts I need to AI. Then started to cut. First with the acrylic.

(The ring was going to be used act as manual indicator on how much to index the dowl. But that didn’t work out as planned. I have another idea- But I wanted to press forward)

Next step was the cardboard.

Time to pull out the bed and check the fit. I used the cutoffs from the roller assembly to act as spacers for the cardboard to make sure that it was straight.

Now for the dowel.

Now that I know that the basic premise of my idea will work. I’ll expand out from there.

Looking good so far.

Okay- Let’s do this.

I used a simple vector. Each op was about 2 mins. Let it run then index.

Everything went good but on the last one the roller shifted forward. Once I get my indexer fix/figured out. That won’t be a problem.

As a sidenote. Pretty cool I didn’t have to 3D Print or machine anything out for this test to work. I absolutely love when a machine is able to make parts for itself.

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