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Supplies: Non-Proofgrade 1/4" Acrylic - Op time: 28 mins

I am in the process of finalizing a PCB that I’ve been working on that’s designed to house a stepper driver and a closed loop package. I placed an order with OSHPark and got the PCB about a month ago. I’ve been hand soldering a hand full of them but it’s taking about 1.5hr per board. Yay SMDs!. But why am I doing this by hand? So I started to do some hardcore research on Pick & Place machines and decided to build one myself. Well partially. I currently have a ‘light duty’ laser cutter aka ‘Pew Pew’ in which I am going to repurpose it’s inner workings to a PnP. I have about 85% of it done. But I was having a tough time with the camera alignment.

To F360!

So I decided to make a targeting grid. Midway thru the design I wanted to add the ability to test and calibrate these new PCBs on an existing CNC. I scrapped the design and I loaded up my mini pallet that I made for the smaller CNC and designed the grid on top of it.

Then created a new sketch and use the project tool to move the features I needed in order to cut. Then import that into AI. Then added numbers and a couple lines of text. Color coded the groups so stuff would cut in the order I wanted.

Then sent it out to the glowforge.

Glamour shot.

Then loaded it up on the CNC with a 1/8" calibration endmill.

Like a glove.

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