Wood Nintendo Switch Case
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This is a case I made for my husband to hold his switch. Once he got the device I knew I had to try my hand at making something for it.
SO the case itself is made in layers, Nine actually. The outer most layers are beautiful plywoods while the middle bits are draftboard. The layers build up on top of each other to make the final needed depth for the Switch. My favorite part is the indents inside the case. The two smaller holes are for the Switch’s back buttons and the two rectangles are for all the buttons on the front that stick out. The whole thing is lined in fleece (chickens because that what my husband likes). The Fleece was also cut with the glowforge. First time trying it and while it was a learning curve I don’t think I’ll ever hand cut lining fabrics again. The accuracy of the Glowforge makes fitting my lining a breeze.

It should be mentioned that I tried to use Magnets to keep this thing tightly closed. And despite the aid of those fancy hinges the magnets could not do the trick so later, after these pictures were taken, I had to add a latch to the front of the case.

Switch 1

Switch 2

Switch 3

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