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Over the weekend I scored an new iPad Mini in trade for some IT work. I didn’t really check what model it was until I got home (Would have done it for free- but they insisted). Then I realized it was better (newer) than the iPad I already had. In which it had a iSense (a rebranded occipital structure) strapped to it. I temp connected the scanner to the newer iPad and immediately noticed the performance difference between the two.

When I got the iSense- I got with the the mount for the iPad I already had. Welp. You know where this is going sooo… let go to the pictures.

Since I wanted to get fancy with it- I decided to make it a ‘multi-material’ project.

1/8" Proofgrade Clear Acrylic & ‘Dark Blue’ ABS (3D Printed)

You guess it- Fusion 360.

I modeled up the iSense and used a stock model for the iPad Mini and designed around that. I measured the distance between the onboard camera and the scanner from the pre-made mount and incorporated that into the design.

Once I got the layout the way I wanted- I exported a sketch of the mount as a DXF and imported it into AI.

Quick google search and I found the logo. Then reversed it so the engraving would be on the inside. While I was at it, I decided to add a couple pockets to the screws holes so they can be recessed into the acrylic.

This was done by removing the stroke around the outer hole and filling it with a color.

On my first attempt the tolerance I allowed for the sensor was non-existent- I made a quick change and ran the op again (7mins). While that was running I went ahead and export the model so I can start 3D printing it.

35 mins later it was done.

I ran the calibrate app to adjust the camera offset. And surprisingly there was none. Yay for precision.

So in sheer excitement I did a quick scan of the glowforge.

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