Steampunk Bookends
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Well I normally don’t do any kind of any social media at all, but everyone here seems very kind and likeminded and passionate about their projects so I figured I would share some of mine as well. I received my Glowforge back in Oct 2019 knowing nothing of laser cutting or engraving I was very much into woodworking and wanted to add some more detail to my projects, so for the next few months I started teaching myself how to use Inkscape. I have had a great time learning and watching everyones projects on here and has been a great motivator to push myself to do more creative projects. Fast forward a few months I started making some projects to sell on Etsy and these bookends have been really fun to make and one of my best sellers, I have almost paid of my Glowforge and plan to keep pushing myself to be more creative.

Well thats a little about me and what I do, hope you all have a great day.

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