More Proofgrade beta samples: walnut and cherry 1/8" plywood
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I got some more Proofgrade from Glowforge last week. Although labeled “beta”, it is as good as I would want or need. I did three matchbox bins with the three types to compare and contrast how it looks and fits together. No need to adjust the design. It’s dead on uniform in thickness.

First the Cherry:

Back piece.

Note that engrave does not leave too dark a layer visible in the keyhole slot.

Detail of the white tree of Gondor. I did custom settings for this to get a deep relieve. 5%, 335 i/m, 340 lpi.

Really love the precision of the engrave and detail.

Finished matchbox bin in cherry.

Now the walnut:

Really like the grain. Tight, interesting. Perfect finish.

Detail of the tree. Same settings as cherry. This went through the top layer of walnut veneer to the core. Core is lighter. Interesting effect. Might consider infill with black or white or some cool material like a sparkly resin before pulling masking to do an inlay. Or just make an inlay!

Back panel.

Hallmark at default dark engrave. Very nice.

Love those living hinges.

Glue up. Keep rubber bands on hand. Using Loctite GO2 all purpose glue. Allows for time to position but sets fairly quickly. Not quite as messy.

Glamor shot.

And the three sisters: left to right maple, cherry and walnut.

My joy is complete!

Here is a silent video. My voice is still pretty rough from the chest cold so I just did subtitles.

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