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Ok, So it was 2:00 am and I was awake that is my excuse. I have some
:proofgrade: clear I want to try but accidentally grab draftboard instead, I do a score around the piece and the surface of the draftboard looks just as I would expect the masking to look like through the clear acrylic.

I have all the acrylic engraves set up to be a bit out of focus so they smooth the acrylic, but this is not the ideal for draftboard, so it is only when I get a layer of black charcoal that I realize (after some total confusion) that this is not acrylic.

So I watch it like a sleepy hawk as it finishes the charcoal run, and then run another standard proofgrade cut but at 1200 speed as the GFUI scolds me saying a cooler cut than advised might start a fire.

So now I had a less burned up smoky piece that would dissolve in my usual cleaning methods. So I polished the highlights in first 600 grit and then 2000 and sprayed it with Krylon chrome paint followed by gold Rub-n-Buff that did not exactly become vermeil but looked pretty good in spite of the issues.

It was hard to photograph but this came out looking closest…


though the general look of old gold is a bit better than the photo and it does not get the floating character of the inner parts held by a web of tiny walls much less than a millimeter thick.

This photo hints at that…

As every black square goes all the way through :grin:

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