Inlaid Hardwood Box
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Okay, I finally worked up enough courage to try a hardwood box, thanks to a peer challenge over on FB. And now I know why they call it HARD! This took me forever, and I made 573 mistakes, but I did it, and I’m pretty proud!

It’s made of yellowheart, redheart, and PG walnut hardwood, sanded and finished with tung oil. The construction of the box was dictated by the contest (everyone used the same design) so the fingers are wider and have a looser kerf than my usual stuff, so I got to do some gluing and clamping. I also had to adapt the joint, since the hardwood alone wouldn’t have been strong enough to survive the opening and closing of the box. I used acrylic for the inside circle part of the hinge, and glued veneer onto the outside to strengthen the hardwood.

Due to some of the aforementioned mistakes I didn’t have enough redheart to do the phoenix inlay, so I used PG walnut hardwood and put some redheart in his tail to try to pull it together a bit.




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