Holder for Dad's Remotes (and other stuff)
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Shortly before we all went into isolation, my dad asked me to make him something to put his multiple remotes in that could sit on his end table. Now that I’ve made it, I guess he’s going to have to be satisfied with looking at photos of it for the time being!

I liked @ElsieH’s idea of putting a tray in front of her bathroom organizer, and stole it for this so he’ll have a place for his keys, pens, and other small things that end up on the table as well.

I learned some things doing this – primary among them that marquetry is not really my thing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m still planning to fill in a couple of missing chunks, if I can make it work.





Materials: PG walnut plywood, PG walnut, cherry, and maple veneers, and mystery white wood veneer from a Woodcraft sample pack @timjedwards and I split between us.

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