Mandala suncatchers
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With all the mandalaesque designs I have been doing I have been making
use of them for avatars, box decoration and for pendant jewelry, but I
have been dissatisfied with those ideas and trying to imagine other uses.

Thinking about it I considered the different ways sunlight could pass through and decided to try making them in acrylic. The vision I had would look great pressed in lead glass but acrylic does not have that rainbow effect. Colored acrylic however as it is transmitted through various thicknesses or a geometric array of holes.
I started with wood,…
![IMG_20200315_143848|421x500] (upload://2TAnS83XPJrMNSpdC1SoFmUr5Hw.jpeg)
And what I thought was clear was actually light yellow but showed the problem if it had been as the detail was washed out…


sp I tried some rub-n-Buff to mixed results…


So I try some darker more opaque colors…

Nice, but too dark, perhaps a more open design that is ice blue without such fine detail…

IMG_20200318_150713 (1)

Hmmm perhaps cutting thin so there is a lot of variable transmission and put a strong light as the sun would be…

I think perhaps if I can make it varieties o a thing and sell the SVGs in Etsy? Ideas?

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