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Being shut in is the perfect time to make presents! I had a lot of draftboard and veneer so I decided to make a Boating Party Box. 8.25" square x 4.5 H. Had the blank flasks and shot glasses lying around so I thought it would be a good way to “present” them. Used the settings I found on here for the shot glasses and iPhone settings for the flask. The veneer was a PITA and had to run the pieces a couple of times even though I know I measured correctly. Yes, some of the seams on the veneer are off, but I am ok with it. The holder for the pieces comes out and you can use the box for something else.

Just used a piece of medium PG Acrylic for the top with blue paper behind it for the compass rose.

All-in-all was a really fun project to design and tons of math for the holder. LOL Took about 2 days to design and the box took about 3.5 hours to run with the engraving.

Happy Sunday Everyone!



The Anchor is the locking mechanism. Slide left to open, right to lock.






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