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I’ve been slacking a bit on posts for the last couple days. So here’s a mix bag of some of the projects that I’ve been working on.

Closed Looped 3 Axis Camera Slider. The idea was to move the gantries to a position (by hand) and have it play back the motion at any speed I want.

All the parts were designed in F360. So far I have the X Axis done.

1/4" & 1/2" thick Acrylic. (non-Proofgrade)

Test cut of 1/2" Acrylic (the back was rough from the miter saw)

3D Printer Parts.

I got tired of losing the static bag I kept all the nozzles in- So I made a holder for them.

1/8" Acrylic (Proofgrade)

Idler static vibration tension thingy.

I’ve been tuning the crap out of this printer. And after baby groot I noticed a ‘ringing’ pattern on the Z axis on all the the prints. The detail was epic. The layer dynamics were epic…But I had this random ‘wave’ that was appearing in all the prints. So I recorded the printer doing a test shape @ 120FPS. Then watched it on my desktop. And you can see the front belts oscillating during the print. So I figured my Accel/Deccel values where a bit aggressive. I adjusted a bit but my print speeds started to suffer. So I made this. Took about 15mins in F360 and the cut took about 17 sec.

Worked like a champ.

Chevron 1 encoded…

Marble filled with black paint.

And my favorite Anime of all time.

1/4" Cedar (non-Proofgrade)

Something for the Kitchen

1/4" birch plywood (non-Proofgrade)

Currently my personal record on the longest engrave to date. 3 hr 58 mins 27sec.

So my original thought about the mount for the camera slider above was to use a single piece of 1/8" acrylic and ‘soften’ it and have gravity bend it. Welp that did not work at all. Ended up using the 1/2" as the mount then attach the 1/4" to that. Much better.

No fault of the GF. But the failure is cool to watch.

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