Mandala 2: Electric Boogaloo
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This mandala is made of BB plywood with various shades of purple cardstock glued to the face prior to the cut.

Thanks to @arh2 for the idea to try gluing up cardstock to a wood backing, it was a great idea and I think it worked very well.


  • Glue your cardstock evenly and thoroughly. I used plain old elmers PVA glue, applies with a speed ball ink roller.
    -use a squeegee or a roller or something to be sure the cardstock is firmly glued to the wood.
  • let the glue dry, mask your cardstock/wood beast and then test your material settings. I was surprised at how much more slowly I had to go to get reliable cuts.
  • clean your hands thoroughly and unmask the paper. Pull carefully, if the cardstock comes away from the wood quickly glue it down with as little glue as you can get away with. Folds and creases will show, be gentle and careful and use tools as necessary.
  • once you’ve unmasked your parts, you can optionally seal them with clear spray. I used clear acrylic, I figured it would protect the cardstock.
  • use registration pins for assembly and carefully glue each layer to the next(top down). There’s little to no room for error here, if you smudge your paper there’s no easy way to fix it.
  • once fully assembled and glued up, I hit it again with the acrylic sealant, just for good measure.
  • 10.9 x 10.9 x 1”. 8 layers of 1/8” ply.

Overall I’m really happy with it. I think the fully painted faces (in my other blue design) are maybe a little more eye catching, but the labor involved to paint all those nooks and crannies is … a lot. This went together so much more quickly and it’s still really eye catching in person.

The first three pics were taken in low sunlight so they are a bit warmer toned than how it looks in person. Pic #4 indoors is actually a better representation of its colors. Anyway… more pics!




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