Round Tuit coasters
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Personalized for my folks. (Because we’re a family of punsters, and my Grandpa used to keep a handful of wooden-nickel-size Round Tuits in a drawer.)



These two are on :proofgrade: medium draftboard. I experimented a bit with the engrave settings for the two middle sections:

  • On the first one (Karen’s), it’s standard “SD Graphic” for the letters, and 3 passses of 700/60 (at default LPI of 225) for the background fill.† As it turns out, both of these cut to about the same depth — I was hoping to have the background significantly deeper than the letters. The slow 3-pass engrave leaves a nice texture, though, and there’s a neat effect along the score line where the two engraves meet.

  • On the second (Doug’s), I tried to speed up the letters to make them shallower — 700/100 @ 225 LPI, one pass. And 1000/FULL @ 340 LPI, one pass for the background. This did end up with the background deeper than the letters, but both have a lot coarser texture (and the scorched bits rub away more easily).

I’ll probably be making some more for other family, so I’ll have some opportunity to mess with the settings some more.

Probably I’ll do plywood for the next try, too — originally I was thinking draftboard would be more coaster-friendly since without the veneer it looks at least a little absorbent. But since I’m engraving so much of it, the veneer doesn’t really matter, so having some wood grain visible for that outer ring might be nice?

† Based on @marmak3261’s post about engraving depth, thanks! (Although it’s definitely not halfway through for PG draftboard.)

(And to close the loop on my earlier question, I never found a warp tool that did quite what I want. So instead of grabbing some 60s psychedelic font and warping it to fit the circle, I drew the funky letters freehand with Apple Pencil and cleaned them up in Vectornator. Probably shouldn’t quit my day job to start lettering music festival posters, but it’ll do.)

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