How not to get screwed with acrylic
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Normally avoiding getting screwed is a good thing, but not on this project…

I am completely redoing my home maker space (and soon will have a Tormach CNC - which will become relevant to this story). So in redoing the entire room, I put in cabinets, counters, new electrical distribution and a bunch of other things (more to come later - I just go the email that apparently later this week the 1000lbs of tormach is arriving in my driveway. Not sure how it’s getting to the basement given the snow on the lawn to get it to the bulkhead).

But anyway along with a real CNC milling machine you really do need to get more serious about eye protection. And lots of friends bring their kids to see all the maker toys in our basement. Well towards that end I wanted some dispensers for kid-size and adult-size safety glasses. Even with flood coolant and an enclosure it still will have steel/Ti chips flying everywhere. So I CADed up a nice dispenser, and cut it out of medium :proofgrade: clear acrylic. After gluing it all up with weld-on #4, I saw one slightly serious design deficiency… (and yes, I realize in hindsight some key-holes would have made this a non-issue. But I didn’t and the box it too tall to fit into the GF without the tray.



So for the adult version it will have keyholes (or I could cut the front panel with access holes). In this case the rescue is to drill the front with a regular drill (ugh).

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