Tiny display stand
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I’ve been madly going through my parents’ (and grandparents’ too!) many years’ worth of accumulated stuff, trying to help get it all dispersed since they’ve moved to a retirement community and don’t have space for it all. Of course I started with the fun stuff – boxes and boxes of beautiful antique Japanese things. :slight_smile:

I ran across a tiny little wooden stand yesterday and was hit with one of those irresistible urges that I know you all understand – “I need to design one like this to make with my Glowforge!” So I did.


I think I mentioned that it’s tiny…


The original must have come with a vase or something, once upon a time, but over the years they’ve gotten separated and I have no way of knowing what’s supposed to be on top of it.

So what does one do with a tiny orphan display stand? Maybe use it to display a tiny orphan china cup?


Oh – here’s the one that inspired me:


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