Multi-colored Bowtie Icosahedron
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Enneagons, Decagons, and Bowties! While searching for unique complex polyhedrals, I stumbled across this site displaying examples of new Symmetrohedra. I knew immediately I had to take a crack at the Bowtie Icosahedron. Unfortunately, all I had to go off of was the picture, and didn’t have the luxury of having any if the dihedral angles. I figured out the shape in Fusion 360 pretty quickly, and here is the result. Romark colorshop plywood for the faces.

Bowtie Icosahedron_1920x-100

Bowtie Icosahedron_1920x-101

Bowtie Icosahedron_1920x-102

Bowtie Icosahedron_1920x-104

Bowtie Icosahedron_1920x-103

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