Crane Lantern
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Birch, Texas 
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I’m counting this one as at least 4 days of design for the 30 DoD challenge @polarbrainfreeze started, 'cause those cranes took forever to vectorize and meld into the background pattern! The lantern is slightly modified from my previous one (Kumiko-Style Lantern) – mainly I added some legs at the bottom to allow room for an electrical cord underneath.





I’m still waiting for the vellum I ordered to put behind the panels. I also ordered an LED “Edison” bulb to put inside, so it’s still not complete. We’re going over to visit my parents tomorrow at their retirement community, though, and my dad specifically asked that I bring “one of those intricate things you’ve been making” so he can show his friends, so I had to get it put together as much as I could! :slight_smile:

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