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Birch, Texas 
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Texas is home, but after living in the Pacific NW for 23 years, it feels like home, too, even though they’re pretty drastically different.

I made this because it kind of represents the combined effect of both my homes on the person I’ve become. :slight_smile:


There’s actually a third layer in the design, but I’m waiting to cut it because I might find something else I want to mount this on instead. I’m gonna go dig around in my dad’s barn and see what I can find!

Also, I’ve kept up with my 30 designs in 30 days commitment, @polarbrainfreeze, but with all the traveling around this past week I haven’t had time to cut most of them yet! I’m hoping to catch up today, but first, CHORES. (There’s a pile of garbage in need of burning, and it’s a perfect day for it!)

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