Simple Wooden Wallet - great for noobs
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Wallet front

Wallet back

Wallet inside

This is a wallet I made for my husband after he told me his was falling apart. He was hoping for a small wallet, something thin and minimalist. I used proofgrade walnut and the leather you get in your first welcome pack.

Whats really cool and fun about this project is the implication of blocks of black in my svg files to engrave almost half way through the wood so the leather could nestle flat along the wood instead of sticking out. Inside the wallet I did the same thing for the button so the cards inside wouldn’t catch.

The wallet is cut into four layers; two full sized layers with the designs and deep engraving for leather, button and so on. The other two layers are just a thin 1/4 inch boarder with one side missing (the part the card slide into).

The designs on the front and back are from Runescape, currently and probably always my husbands obsession.

Notes to learn from:
There were a few things that made this project frustrating and having to be re-cut and edited multiple times.

  1. When hammering in a button on wood, stay patient and don’t hit to hard. Yes it will take forever to curl that dang thing but if you hit to hard the wood will snap in half and no amount of glue will fix it.

  2. speaking of buttons, I know this one looks cool but it sticks out way to much, next time I’ll try and find the flatter magnet ones.

  3. The wood would not stick together. No amount of glue could to it. So in the end I had to modify the design to allow and thin dowel of balsa wood. I didn’t mind because in the end this thing is rock solid and the little bit of tan on that dark walnut really makes the project pop more.

  4. don’t waste good wood. After messing up the first attempt, I noticed you couldn’t even tell the middle part was walnut because of the burn marks from the laser. So I used some scrap basswood for the middle on the second go.

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