Chocolate Fountain Repair
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Had our annual Yule gathering on the 21st (The Solstice). Part of the festivities was for a chocolate fountain.

Alas, turned out the fountain failed. Upon closer inspection, I found the drive gear had split in two.

Was told, “eh, you can probably get one on the cheap out there somewhere.” I have no idea what these things cost, as this one was a gift to the Lady of the House years ago. I am not inclined to buy a new thing to replace one that was used once every few years… So, I said “Nope, I’ll fix this thing. If for no other reason than principle.”

  1. This is the broken drive gear:

    Broken Drive Gear

  2. Prototype Gear (3rd Iteration) Wood:

    Wood Gear (Prototype)

  3. Acrylic Repair Gears:

    Acrylic Gears

  4. Stacked gears in place on the drive shaft (x3):

    Gear Stack on Drive Shaft

  5. Assembled and operational:

Thought some may find this interesting. If not, I’ll slide back to the line of non posters avoiding the flack and flames.

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