More acrylic fun shapes/charms
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So had these little shapes left over from the swizzle sticks I made with theme appropriate for DIYers (like myself) as doing a show at 2nd Use Seattle this Saturday-a great salvage+ store that I frequented for items to help restore my old house–and finally glad I applied to their Holiday Market!!

DIY charms on cards - Edited

So these were too nice to do nothing with–since I didn’t think ahead of time to include a hole in them for anything, I cut out little donut “bales” from clear acrylic, and welded them to these, and since I don’t have any ear wires on hand (arrghhhh), used little lanyards that I have with idea of adding to zipper pulls or anything you want to hook them too…

And after reading the post on presentation, and as I made cards for other items, did little 2x4" cards to hold these, and they fit into little zip top bags I already have on hand for other things I make…

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