Hyper-Local Key Chains
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Burr Ridge, IL 
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In speaking with the owner of a local shop who I am making a few Christmas Ornaments for as a way of generating some interest in other projects, I learned (or had reaffirmed) that one of the hottest trends right now is “hyper-local” - products that are almost niche-targeted to local audiences.

They told me that some of their hottest selling items are pillows and other indoor and outdoor decor that have the local town(s) zipcode(s) and/ or names on them, so I thought “why not give it a try?” and so i’ve done a few very simply oval keychains, but with text and zip codes, with varying fonts that tend to reflect a bit of the personality of some of the local villages.


I’ll post an update later to let everyone know whether they like them or not, but I thought I’d share the idea with this community as a means to inspire and give others a suggestion on something that would likely do well in your local community.

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