Test of different acrylic colors pieced together
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I’m giving myself a 10 on concept, but about a 3 on execution for this prototype.
Working on swizzle sticks & hair sticks series based on my favorite fandoms. The Jayne’s Hat is the most ambitious–the others are all single color, just cutting and/or etching. (For hair sticks, I’ll change the end shape so it’s easy to go in/out of hair).


This is NOT PG material, but the Rainbow set from from xlntshop, and seems more flexible/softer than other acrylics. Also a benefit for this design, is the tighter cutting of the orange “pom pom” actually changes the color of the tips to yellow–works well for this design, but could be bad in others.

Had to “draw” each section of the hat, and need to adjust the seams a bit to make smoother & tighter fit. But real reason it’s a 3 is my weld application–made quite a mess of the backside–and had I not removed the masking first in my excitement to see what it could look like after I cut each piece, I’m sure I’ll bring up the execution score so I can have this as part of my sets at upcoming shows!

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