Pre-Release | Greyscale Engraving, A Comparison to the K40
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Ive been waiting all day to make this post, I cant even tell you how happy I am to finally be typing it up!

One of the posts I made when I first got my k40 was an engraving of Zenyatta from overwatch.
[ Greyscale engrave ]

I love this engrave, and really wanted to see how it would come out on the glowforge. I forgot about it in all of the excitement until @PFI-Guy reminded me last night. I woke up this morning thinking “ITS TIME!”… I went back, put in the image and hit print and this came out:

I know im not supposed to cuss, but DAMN! WHAAAAAAAT. You can even see the guys tiny signature in the bottom corner. I didnt even know that was there until I saw it in the engrave. The detail in this is killer. It took about an hour to engrave, its size is 4"x7", and its only at 340LPI, so it could be a lot more detailed.

Im sorry, the photo doesnt even do it justice, I took it on my phone. You just cant imagine how good this looks when holding it in your hand… im blown away…

Ive included a side by side shot of the new engrave on the left, the original engrave on cedar, and an attempt at non-proofgrade engrave on cedar on the right*. (the top was from a previous engrave test).

*The glowforge cant currently be set to the necessary speeds and power to get a good cut on the cedar I have. It was set at the lowest power and highest speed possible for that piece and it still came out really dark. This cedar is so touchy…

Here is the original image I used on the glowforge for this cut on proofgrade:

Again, if you have any questions ill be happy to answer them to the best of my ability!

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