Small layered hexagonal twist box
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Hello, I’m Mike.


I wanted to try another variation of the approach I used in the layered hexagonal dice box, but on a smaller scale, to test how well the method worked at small scales. Well, the answer is “this good”. I don’t have a great deal of notes on this that weren’t covered in the larger build, this was largely a refinement of the technique.

  • Overall height 1.25"
  • Diameter 1.9"-ish
  • All solid hardwoods
  • Sanded to 600 grit
  • Finished with wipe on polyurethane

Regular readers will recognize the snowflake as coming from my [recent generator post]( . The end result turned out pretty nicely at this scale, the woods are inlaid with a 0.007" kerf adjustment. This is aggressive, but I wanted a really close fit.


Walnut, Maple

A closer look at the inlaid lid. Gotta love the clean corners update, it allows this sort of thing with no overburn hotspots.


Walnut, Maple

This is another variant on my knurled layered box, and it has a notched lid insert. The notches serve to reduce the amount of surface area in contact with the inside lip, letting the lid spin more freely. This is a concept that I refined again and probably reached its peaked with a rounded, lobed version in the spiral staircase box. I used three pins here for simplicity, more pins are more effort (and again reduced to two pins in the spiral staircase box).


Walnut, Maple, Brass pins, Neodymium magnets

Oh right, I’m no banamateur here. I refined my sanding technique and did the bulk of the work with a dremel, it went quickly and easily. If I were to do it again, I would avoid sharp internal angles on the sides, it was a tricky task to get them properly sanded.


Walnut, Maple, Brass pins, Neodymium magnets, US Quarter for scale

So, there you go. We’ll see if I revisit spiral boxes again soon, I have a few more ideas but it’s just a question of whether or not I find time for them.

Oh and bonus points if you can figure out why this one’s named Mike.

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