Arrrrgh! Pirate Treasure!
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I had some fun making a bunch of Aztec Gold coins (from POTC) on my new Elegoo Mars 3D printer and of course I needed a treasure box to put them in. So I made this one, using @jbv’s cool file that he posted on Thingiverse.


I used Proofgrade cherry ply. So cool to have the file perfectly set up for the Glowforge—thanks @jbv!

For the coins I used this 3D print file by Connection_Models on Thingiverse. There were others available but this one was of the highest resolution. After printing I painted them with black gesso, then brushed some Deco Foil adhesive over the top, then pressed some Deco gold foil onto the surface.

Now I need to go and post a Make for these files on Thingiverse.



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