More Mini Clocks, Craftsman Style
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Here I am making mini clocks again. These are going to be used for gift giving for family. I based the design on my taller Craftsman style clock (here and here) but made these shorter because I wanted to use some exotic wood and the original design wouldn’t fit on the piece I had. Once I made a prototype I was so pleased with the outcome that I made them all like this.

Here’s a view of them all:

Left to right:

  • Baltic birch painted with black gesso then coated with epoxy resin (to give it a laquered look) except for the front which is maple veneer.

  • Proofgrade walnut hardwood with tiny Moroccan ceramic tiles

  • Proofgrade maple hardwood with tiny Moroccan ceramic tiles

  • Baltic Birch stained with chestnut stain, with tiny Moroccan ceramic tiles (this one was my prototype and I made a few changes after, mainly with the attachment method of the clock holding piece).

  • Padauk from Rockler. I left it plain since the wood is so pretty; just sanded and treated with Danish oil finish. (Note @evansd2: this is the Padauk I finally cut into, thanks for the inspiration).

Detail photos of each are below:




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