Enhancing our patio with Glowforge
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Hi All!

I’m Marlo. New to posting in the Glowforge community … but thought it was about time to share one of my family’s first projects. We don’t do a lot of creating from scratch with our Glowforge (although we aspire to), but we do look for ways to enhance our home with things customized on Glowforge. Spoons… cutting boards… frames… and… wait for it…


Here’s a quick inspiration to get you excited - but see below for the whole story!


This spring my husband decided that we were going to replace the outside area of our townhome (mostly shrubs), and put in a new patio. Further, he wanted to incorporate fun unique details that no one else would ever have. This is where the Glowforge came in…

First - we ripped up the outside:


Second - we started building with lots of cedar:


Third - we began printing with our Glowforge (hand-drawn ferns and leaves on 1x6 cedar):


Fourth - we added our custom Glowforge panels to the near-finished Patio area:


And fifth - voila! Finished patio with art / drawings / engravings on each post that you can’t find anywhere else.


We love how unique it is, and love how our neighbors stop by to not only comment on the patio area, but how interesting the laser panels are too. Now, we can’t wait to start our next home project and figure out how to use the Glowforge to make it special.

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