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I work on our Code-comittee at the hospital (the cardiac arrest committee). And we’ve been pushing a campaign to get the patient defibrillated within 2-minutes of the arrest per AHA ACLS guidelines. So I figured a lit sign would be cool. But I’ve done so many simply engraved signs, and yeah they’re cool but I wanted something new. So I decided I would cut the letters out of orange:proofgrade: and then cut the sign out of clear. But I wanted a bit of a glow around the letters, so did a score, just slightly larger than the cut out letters (I guess one Kerf’s width in this case. So if you look close there is a slight cool glowing outline of each letter (since the orange is not clear). Since that was going to require way more alignment than I could do by hand, I cut the sign out of draft board, as a template to place each letter. Worked perfectly…


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