Dust Moccasin for CNC
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I watch a lot of YouTube maker videos. A whole lot. For many of them I keep thinking, if you bought a Glowforge, you could do that in a fraction of the time. Just get a Basic and your ability to rapidly prototype goes up exponentially.


Had an idea of what I needed to do, but wasn’t quite sure what I would be attaching too. Using the Glowforge to dial in tolerances is just amazing. Cardboard and a load of cheap .22mm acrylic I have works great.


It’s a dust moccasin because the EVA foam for the fringe skirt is tan and looks like tassels on a moccasin. I had thought of leather and then I saw this EVA sheet and boy does it work great.



I know I am getting repetitive with this FDM 3D printer design that works with wood or acrylic, but it is just such a great match.


It’s such a kick to put the acrylic into the rebate and have it fit perfectly.


Printed some adaptors for the bilge pump hose and the ShopVac hose.


Behold the Bride of Frankenvac. Not laser cut, but what keeps the air moving.

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