Medieval (SCA) Family Tree
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I keep on being reminded of projects I never got around to posting! This one the recipient has access to these forums (though I honestly don’t think he’s ever logged on) but just in case I didn’t want to post until he’d received it.

Probably more details than you need

I belong to a medieval recreation group called the SCA. We were celebrating our friend’s 30th anniversary of being Knighted. This family tree has him in the center, with his squires, former squires, and guard-at-arms above him in the branches, and his Knight, his squire-brother, and his Knight’s Knight in the roots.

The full thing was cut out of PG ply. There is a layer of green fabric sandwiched between two layers of the outside edge, and the shields are held on with sticky-back velcro (in case things change in the future!)
In the picture it’s being held up by this stand (it worked really well - I’ve made a few of these)

The full shield is 18.69" across and 18.67" high - so close to square :slight_smile:



What it looked like prior to painting (with acrylic goauche). This was actually a test piece, when I did the final I scored the art instead of engraving it - because the score lines trap the paint better


In case anyone wants to give it a shot: Medieval Family (947.2 KB) I have a Basic, so it includes a way to cut it in 2 pieces and then assemble after

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