Inlay Wedding Date Christmas Ornament
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Sister-in-law wanted a custom wedding present for some friends and sent me some pinterest pics of things she liked. I thought to myself, “I bet this would work as an inlay project!”


I’m glad I did an experiment first to figure out which side of the walnut ply to put the engraving on, or this wouldn’t have worked at all. The engraving had to be on the “down-facing” of the inlay while rings were on the “up-facing” side due to the light scoring to make the rings look like they were interlocked.

First I engraved & cut out the entire ornament shape.
Then, using the Cardboard Trick taught to me by @Livi , I flipped it & cut the holes for the rings.



For assembly, I wiped down as much of the charred edges as possible with windex wipes to get rid of the goo, then used a basting pin?(one of those pins for sticking fabric together before sewing) to apply tiny bits of super glue to the edges of the pieces before smooshing them all together.

Quite a learning experience!

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