Edge lit word clock
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What time is it?


(Walnut, cast acrylic)

It’s clock time, of course.

Quick notes:
Overall base dimensions, about 14" wide, 3" deep and 1" tall.
Base sanded to 600 grit and finished with wipe on satin polyurethane.
Letters about 0.35" wide.
Overall height of the acrylic is 5.6".
Addressable WS2812B RGB LEDs (60/m) driven by an Arduino nano clone with a DS3231 clock unit.

So I wanted the text to be center stage so I intentionally went simple on the base. To that end, I wanted to use a dark colored wood and walnut was a natural choice. No decoration, no fuss, just a base that should hopefully fade away.


(Walnut, cast acrylic)

The LEDs are bright enough to be easily legible even in a fully lit room. This is from across the room with full bright lighting.


(Walnut, cast acrylic, LED goodness)

What would I improve? Hard to say, this is purposefully pretty bare bones. I might go for a thinner base next time – my hardware is fairly tall, it was designed a few years ago for a larger word clock project (which made a cameo here). I could probably tweak it or leave headers off to shave off a great deal of height, likewise I could leave the leads long on a capacitor and lay it on its side. That savings would probably allow me to get the height of the base closer to half an inch. That being said, I like the way this one turned out and am content with it.

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