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The price points fathomed by resin 3D printers recently have been irresistible, so I didn’t.

Resolution, build volume, release mechanism, and z-axis rigidity are the key features that’ll get my attention and that’s why the Elegoo Mars has earned its spot in the stable over other candidates in the near-$200 price range.

The Elegoo’s size is considerably more desktop-friendly than my previous three, but IMO a little bit more height would put it in a perfect ergonomic level when sitting on a desk…


Option 1: Devote the next couple days to pulling out the table saw, making triplicate measurements, swapping out dado blades, adjusting fence distances, re-attaching a finger, and finally cleaning away sawdust and blood.

Option 2: Mark calendar as BUSY for the next 6 minutes. Open a lid, load plywood, smash the glowing PRINT button.

Don’t spoil it for the slower readers which route was taken…


An application of some Kona stain to match the work desk sets it up for some gluing and clamping…


Custom-made gear furniture. We’re living in wonderous times.


Good chance a pull-drawer will be Glowforged for the void, but for now it’s time to play with the new toy



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